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GLOSS Opening Reception September 7 at 5:30pm-8pm

noun \ˈgläs, ˈglȯs\

-a surface luster or brightness

-a brief explanation (as in the margin or between the lines of a text) of a difficult or obscure word or expression

Celebration of the wholly analog enlargement of the undisputed high water mark of both resolution and skill in mid-century pop culture imaging: the 8x10 negative. 

Q&A with Mike Schneider and Bill Daniel featuring 25+ 20th century 8x10 negatives representing a number of genres, optically hand-printed as 20x24" silver gelatin fiber prints, framed glass-less and to include the notch and film-holder metadata of each negative, processed in traditional photochemistry using split-contrast exposure. 

Almost 30 prints of obscure negatives of which you've probably never had a reason or chance to observe in any form. Most negatives have almost certainly never been enlarged or existed as photographs other than as contact prints.

Movie promos, production stills, stripper/burlesque glossies, newswire negatives, and more. 

From highly flammable 1930s silver nitrate original negatives to Kodak and Ansco safety film repros of the 50s and 60s, alongside a generic slew of baffling and indecipherable film brands and stocks.

Signed, numbered prints of each 20x24 image available, as well as portfolios of 10 or more, offered in acid-free archival boxes, each accompanied by a unique direct-positive gelatin fiber print. 

Ann B. Davis, Judy Canova, Ed Wood, Tor Johnson, Gale Gordon, Ray Bolger, George Hurrell, Bobby Barber, and a few dozen others will be well represented.